Indigo Bananas - Halcyon, Hermes, Maui and Telephasic Workshop

How pretty is this stuff?  I mean look at Maui, it looks like a robot peacock.  So this is Indigo Bananas, a great small batch individual polish maker.  Her store is absolutely full of this stuff in every color you could imagine.

Telephasic Workshop, Hermes, Halcyon, and Maui.
Just to be open and out there I did get two free upgrades in this order, Hermes and Maui from mini to full sized.


I added Halcyon to my cart the second I saw the swatches on the Etsy listing.  Those swatches are gorgeous and you should really go check them out, because that is absolutely what it looks like in the sunlight for me.  Unfortunately, when your apartment only gets 40 minutes of sun in scattered slivers it becomes Much more difficult to photograph.  Turns out that without full spectrum lighting it's really hard to get a camera sensor to record the red in a purple polish, so all of the photos come out electric blue.  

Indigo Bananas - Halcyon (two coats - no topcoat)
I got so frustrated that I messaged the maker of Indigo Bananas, who recommended I try full spectrum lighting, so my shopping list is getting bigger.  Curse you lights, cutting into my polish budget!  Turns out word on the street is that you can use your fridge light in a pinch, so I hopped in and this happened:

Indigo Bananas - Halcyon | Pointer and middle (right) with Topcoat.  Ring and little finger (left) without Topcoat.
Two Coats.
Yup.  I turned into John Boehner.  I even toned the skin down a little because yikes.  Fortunately the photos in the fridge captured the electric...ness of Halcyon's color flash. I'm wearing top coat on my middle and pointer finger on the right, and just Halcyon bare on the left with my ring and little finger.   I pefer this polish without topcoat for the really interesting finish, but wearing any polish without topcoat will shorten the lifespan.  That said, I get a pretty decent several days with this stuff without any flakes.

Indigo Bananas - Halcyon (two coats - no topcoat)
Back to the kitchen with this shot, I don't really know what else to say except I'm seeing a bit more aqua in this than the more royal blue in Halcyon's base, so keep it in mind as you gander.  Or goose. What's with the poultry jokes today?  Also do peacocks qualify as poultry?  

Indigo Bananas - Halcyon (two coats - without topcoat)
I love this picture.  I wish I could tell you how I got it, but hopefully I'll dig that info out and be able to do it again because this one is exactly what it looked like in the morning sunshine.

A note on formula and use:  Halcyon's a semi-matte duochrome made out of something similar to a standard shimmer polish but has microflakes that create a really deep texture.  When I say texture I mean visually as opposed to the tactile texture of Zoya's Pixie Dust or OPI's Liquid Sand.  The polish itself is actually quite thin and dries pretty fast.  Let it dry completely between coats, which will happen really fast, rather than immediately slappin another one on.

Possible Dupes: I can't think of anything remotely close.  It is totally reminiscent of A England's Tristam, but with flakes instead of being holographic.

Telephasic Workshop

Telephasic Workshop was another one for me that I had to buy as soon as I saw it.  Teal and amethyst just works, doesn't hurt that it's sparkly as shit.  It has matte-ish finish, but is almost more rubbery than Halcyon's smooth matte.  It dries much faster than your average bottle of polish, but not quite as fast as Halcyon did for me, but that might just be my bottle or horrible sense of time.  I used two thick coats for these pictures, but if you prefer thinner coats you'll need three to hide any visible nail line.  

Indigo Bananas - Telephasic Workshop (two coats - with topcoat)

As you can see from the cheetoh fingers, we're back inside the fridge with this one.  Just barely out of frame are my Tien Tsin Peppers

The amethyst glitter gives that great tooth so the holographic glitter is almost invisible until it hits the light.

Indigo Bananas - Telephasic Workshop (two coats - with topcoat)

Since Telephasic Workshop doesn't dry smooth, I'd highly recommend a top coat and quick dries seem to have no trouble with it.  I used Butter London's PD Quick Topcoat, which is a great in-between the power of Seche Vite and the feel of Zoya's armorif it were quick dry topcoat.  The glossy coat really enhances the glitters.

Indigo Bananas - Telephasic Workshop (two coats - without topcoat)

On it's own, the polish becomes much more day-time to me.  It has some shine to it, but no gloss.  I actually think the lighting in this one is showing a bit more gloss than it has.  Without a topcoat you still get a really noticeable color flash, even in dim lighting like this.

Indigo Bananas - Telephasic Workshop (two coats - with topcoat)

But now it's time for gloss again because the sparkles.  The. Sparkles.  

A note on Formula:  Wait for it to dry to tacky between coats, or the brush can cause marginal pulling and leave bare spots.  Otherwise Telephasic Workshop is a dream.  Don't worry if you use thin coats and the first one looks streaky, it vanishes without a brushstroke left behind on the second.  Really easy to use and also really easy to take off.

Possible Dupes:  This is clearly the darker and bolder sister of Rebel Beauty Lounge's Aqua Lily, but in teal and with a totally different finish.  Not to say that that Aqua Lily owns this combination, it's just the first and only polish that came to mind.


Maui inspired this post after I saw it in the morning sunlight and it splashed me in the face with a bucket of aqua.  Naturally I had to document it...for science and stuff.  

Indigo Bananas - Maui (one coat over black base - with topcoat)

I really can't say enough good things about this polish; it's everything I want without any of the downsides of other simiar polishes.  Maui is extremely pigmented, a dream to put on, the holo-glitter was completely smoothed by my one thin coat of Seche Vite topcoat.  I'm so glad I got an upgrade on this polish, so it can live in my collection for as long as possible. It manages to look like metal without brush strokes, seriously who else can do that?

A Note on Formula:  For the most dramatic look layer it over an opaque(ish) coat of dark polish.  I use Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Black Out, because it dries fast and only needs one thickish coat to get what I need.  Definitely use a glossy topcoat on this one.

No dupes come to mind.


I feel like Hermes is a dear old friend at this point, since I've been wearing it on my left hand for something like five days now and it's still going as strong as day one.  Just as I shared all of my adventures with him, others are now sharing his.  He was with me when I bashed my wet manicure into my light stand and ruined it.  He was with me when I twisted my arm into the fridge to take weird photos, from which you are seeing his own story right now.  

Indigo Bananas - Hermes (One coat over black - with topcoat)

Anyway, I hope you all like The Neverending Story or that was just a really weird paragraph, welcome back!  Hermes has the exact formula and flare of Maui, but shifts from royal blue to purple to pink to a touch of gold in dim rooms with warm direct light sources.

Indigo Bananas - Hermes (one coat over black base - with topcoat)

Indigo Bananas - Hermes (one coat over black base - with topcoat)

But in more dynamic lighting it turns into a beast.  Kelsey Grammar would be thrilled to be my nails right now.  Not only do you get the best shifts, to the point of looking like a gradient manicure at all angles, but oh that glitter.  It gets me good. 

So like Maui, you should layer Hermes over a black basecoat for a more dramatic effect, but it actually does pretty well on it's own.  Below my thumb has two coats on a bare nail, while the rest have black undersleevaloons.

Indigo Bananas - Hermes (two coats, no base on thumb - one coat, black base on fingers - with topcoat)
Indigo Bananas - Hermes (two coats, no base - with topcoat)
Ugh, I am now seeing the cat hair in that first photo.  I'm not even apologizing anymore because this is what I have to deal with in every photo.


If you want to get a bunch: 

All four polishes are available in full-sized bottles for $10/each + standard Etsy shipping costs and in mini-bottles for $4.50/each + shipping.  I consider this a steal, considering their only worthy competitors start at $15.

Halcyon full size  $10  |  Halcyon Mini  $4.50
Telephasic Workshop full size $10 |  Telephasic Workshop Mini  $4.50
Maui full size $10  |  Maui Mini  $4.50
Hermes full size $10  |  Hermes Mini  $4.50

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  1. Hermes looks like tiny windows into outer space. Gorgeous!

    Does every manicure have to pass Gibbon approval? XD

    1. That's such a perfect description! It's like galaxy nails without the hassle.

      Gibbon just wants to stay in the loop, man. Gotta make sure everything is on the up and up.

  2. Hell yeah, fridge light! Re-admiring your swatches - beautiful. Also laughed again at the Boehner line. And the cat! Don't let her bother you, kitty, you totally belong in every photo (and that keyboard is very obviously a cat daybed).

    1. Fridge light saves the freakin' day! I'm so glad you like them :D

      Don't encourage him! He's already sure that 99% of the apartment belongs to him, I won't let him take my nails too!





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